Boost revenue and loyalty by embedding connectivity into your product

Enrich your value proposition with mobile plans on your branded network, instantly and with no set-up cost

Engage, connect, and monetize better with embedded connectivity

shaka's embedded connectivity platform helps you unlock your brand's full potential

Leverage the power of your distribution network

Turn your customers or followers into a steady recurring revenue stream

Fintechs drive engagement with an integrated offering through embedded connectivity

Looking for ways to increase MRR per user? Use shaka to offer connectivity to your customers to drive revenue and higher user engagement. Embedding connectivity into your product is easy with shaka's API, SDK libraries and its eSIM capabilities

Monthly recurring revenue per user
Conversion rate                                                 

Creators extend their brand with a mobile product tailored to their most loyal fans

Go beyond partnerships and build your own brand with a branded mobile network. Monetize your followers and connect with them like never before with exclusive content and personalized experiences. shaka's end-to-end platform gets you up and running in minutes

Monthly recurring revenue per user
10 minutes
Set up time

Retailers create exclusive reward schemes with mobile plans driving customer loyalty

Looking for ways to increase loyalty of your customers? Offer exclusive deals, discounts or rewards to your mobile subscribers or bundle connectivity with your other services. Shaka's platform integrates easily with your existing loyalty systems

Retention rate increase
CRM & loyalty systems integrations

All-in-one platform for managing and deploying your network

shaka platform is designed to seamlessly run in the background while you focus on your customers

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